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A few I can think of had a half inch wood chisel all the way threw my palm that was bad. Another one that sticks out was accidentally getting shot in the face with a propane potato gun at point blank range black eyes busted lips eyelids turned inside out. With some friends around a fire barrel drinking beer and one of them threw a shotgun shell in the fire when no one was looking when it went off liquid plastic hit my forehead and eyelid and in between my eyes had to goto the er and let them get the plastic and skin off. That was 15 years ago and still have a scar in between my eyes. Another was riding wheelies on a dirt bike and went over the handle bars and slid to a stop on my face that was bad lips tore off took all the skin off my nose and chin and forehead broke my wrist and knees missing enough skin and meat to see bone. Those are just a few that stick out and required hospital visits.