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Originally Posted by Turtle9343 View Post
Nine months ago there was no video of the incident to back her story up. Now that there is video proof, a lawsuit wouldn't surprise me one bit.
There was no public video. You can't tell me an attorney couldn't subpoena the hotel for it.

Originally Posted by Reel 007 View Post
Typical!!!, with no intelligent retort, the name calling begins.
Lets do this again, she bitch slap him and use the N-word, she got what she earned.
No, unlike you I don't think she is a ho or someone looking for a lawsuit. I think she is an idiot who got into a situation way over her head, probably while drunk, and panicked. And no, unlike you, I don't think a word, regardless of its nature, justifies being physically violent to a woman. Call me crazy, I was raised to not hit women. I thought that used to be an accepted value in this country.
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