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Originally Posted by kawakx125 View Post
my comment was more regarding a homeowners usage. sure, in a commercial setting a triplex will be better. cost vs use though just isnt there for a couple-times-a-year homeowner.

Thats wonderful, but we are talking homeowners washers here that get used a couple times a year. Also there is such a thing as too big for a job. For the time it would save me 2-3X a year, I could buy 3 smaller washers and a case of beer for 3 friends and get the job done faster.
Oh I won't argue with you on that one....each to their own I guess.
I know with mine the pressure is fully adjustable....I can turn it down to 500 psi or less if I wanted to.
Now that I have a pressure washer I use if for washing the vehicles, the quad, boat, the decks, driveway, the house (we live in farming country) and windows. Mine gets used at least once a week. But if I had a smaller unit it would still get used at least once a week, just it would take me longer in using it....and that means more wear and tear on the pump & motor plus more gas to run it.