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Default update

starboard engine is set in place with new LASDROP Gen 2 shaft seals. I had to send my old split couplings out to get remachined to match the new transmissions, what a nihghtmare, great transmissions but a real pain in the ass to match up in these parts. We had to increase the sterntube diameter so I added on a piece of 3 1/2" OD pipe I had at my old stomping grounds to get the shaft seal to line up diameter wise. Tomorrow I have to do some surgery on the port stern tube to fix the damage that DR Evil did in the past. Starboard mist eliminators are piped in and tomorrow we will do the Port side as well. We should be setting port motor on Monday,,,,,,stay tuned......
On a good note though, looks like we are good with the 2" shafts, I checked and double checked with my prop guy and he says plenty of safety factor and spoke with a gy that has the same engine package in a 45' Hatteras and he has 6000 hours on his shafts the same size so Im thinkin this little rubber duckie will be just fine.