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Originally Posted by Captllama View Post
We've had 1 Airpax fail on the 40' seahunter in 12 years...great choice to switch up too.

Interested in what battery setup you plan on doing for this boat? We have (4) with (2) acting as house batteries ((the centers))
we are going with a minimum of 3 31 AGM house batteries, probably 4. the plan is to move the 4 starting batteries to a custom shelf above the leaningpost livewell (well 3 there 1 between livewell and side of console) the boat had 2 group 31 house batteries but they were on 2 separate switches, one was dedicated to the 3 amplifiers (IIRC this boat has 16-18 speakers total) and one to run the rest of the boat.
the electrical load is very considerable
Simrad system 40A nominal 62 max
DC could see up to 100A load at night with full livewells and tuna tubes with pitch baits going
plus as of now, 3 6 Channel amplifiers with plans for another

that is quite a lot to ask of a pair of group 31s

I have 2 gr 31s in my boat i get 3 hours on a good day tuna fishing with my pumps, stereo and electronics on, these boats almost need generators like sportfish boats do.
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