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Originally Posted by davidwademarine View Post
Been down that road with a 36. It becomes a love/hate relationship but worth it in the end.

Have you thought about installing CZone Swith Interfaces and having a switch panel made for the most used functions? I donít see a point in throwing out perfectly good CZone Output Interfaces and going through the hassle and expense of re-wiring to achieve the same goal. The redundancy they offer over traditional switches is a huge plus if you know how their system works. Even if your whole electrical system goes down, every single electrical function can be bypassed and actived by simply moving a fuse into the bypass slot. Unless you carry plenty of jumpers or want to strip and splice wires behind the panel, you canít do that with traditional switches, especially the push-button style. I would suggest looking into this option before throwing good equipment out. PM me if you would like to discuss further. We see so many Yellowfins, Iíve had no choice but to learn everything about CZone. I was very apprehensive at first, but now that I understand the complete system, Iíll take it over traditional switches every day, and twice on Sundays. The failure rate we see matches what we see out of DTS systems, which can be counted on one hand over the last 15 years.

Hereís some panels we had New Wire Marine put together for us that replaced failed CZone displays. One is from a 24 and the other a 42. All of the functions from the 24 were installed on two Switch Interfaces (up to 8 functions per interface). The main functions were put on the panel for the 42. I programmed several different functions to be controlled by one switch. Example; Spreader light switches control factory lights plus some Rigid flood lights added by the previous owner. If he would like, the factory lights or flood lights only can be turned on by going through the Simrad screens. Courtesy switch controls gunwale, console and compartment lights. Again, they can be individually controlled through the Simrad. Having the CZone access right on the homepage of the Simrads makes navigation to it very simple.

yeah nah, we are all set with digital switching of any kind, wires need to be run anyway. There is absolutely no way youíre selling me on it for a 39ft boat. Itís already ruined enough summer days.
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