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Subscribing to learn a little...and thought I'd ask as well.

I keep hearing about fuel in regards to trolling lures. Do these lures really create enough drag to make a noticeable difference in trolling GPH?

I haven't done much trolling, and no high speed.
no they don't...however its the speed you need to go that burns fuel. Your boat planes at 17-20 mph which may be a bit fast to troll depending on the conditions and how much drag your reels have. However between 13 - 17 mph your going to be burning a lot of fuel compared to being on plane at 17+ mph. If the weather is rough I find a good alternative is 12 knots...this keeps the fuel burn low and still allows you to pull the lures fast enough to cover some ground, however you will see some bi-catch at this speed from barracuda or kings depending on where you fish.
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