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Originally Posted by bonecrusher1 View Post
Fishing out of Charleston.
As is the story of my life with fishing, I spend more money and collect more gear than I actually need:
That being said, I did acquire a couple Tiagra 50s this summer and would like to put them to use HST this fall/winter.
Now, time to drop a couple $ on lures.
What are the thoughts on the 32 oz cowbell lures? They say you can HST them without trolling weights. Is that true? Would appreciate some personal testimonials.
What's your favorite lure spread for a 3 line HST?
Anyone run a Yozuri bonita on your shotgun with a 32-48 oz trolling weight?
I have caught a lot of wahoo with cowbells, they will troll up to about 18 knots with no lead only if it is flat calm, if there is any chop what so ever you need to run a trolling lead and shock chord. I run 48 oz Supreme cowbells and use 64 oz trolling leads with wire (they do get hit) on my bent butts and 80 wides, take a lot of drag.
However with that said ive noticed bigger wahoo hit while going slower and trolling ballyhoo with a sea witch and planer, so ill use the high speed set up to cover ground and throw some 30-40 pounders in the boat and then go over the areas where I had success with the planer and ballyhoo. I have actually had a 60+ pounder hit my cowbell when I stopped the boat and it was sinking really fast. So that's what lead me to believe the big boys are slow and deep and its proven true. Not to say you cant catch a big boy high speeding because it does happen... im just saying my success rate has been much better low and planer rod or off the cleat, one with a big trolling lead, and two off the outriggers. Ive filled my boat and known guys to catch 30+ wahoo with nothing but ballyhoo.....its all about location and finding where they are schooled, which is where the highspeed is useful.