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Not fair T., calling me out on something that can’t be defined. To me HST is traveling as fast as the water conditions allow while maintaining good lure presentation. 14 knots is often thrown around as the entry level for HST, and I mostly agree with that. I will run as low as 12 knots if that’s all the water will allow, any less than that I’m out. I peak out around 18 knots. I could run higher speeds with higher drag sets and heavier leads but never felt the need. If I fished in flat water I prolly would go a little faster.

Just driving fast doesn’t put much fish on the boat though. The real key for me is taking multiples from the same pack. Finding them takes most of my time. When you find them you have to keep hitting the pack repeatedly at the same speed that got the first one to bite. Hanging one out to dry every ten minutes or so for an hour is just too much fun.

Islanders are pretty common in HST. Behind a lead they stay down like anything else. Don’t know a specific name for them but people run Islanders over a size 50 trolling skirt with an egg sinker stuffed up in the skirt. “Bahama Mamas” or something like that.
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