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Originally Posted by bonecrusher1 View Post
Fishing out of Charleston.
As is the story of my life with fishing, I spend more money and collect more gear than I actually need:
That being said, I did acquire a couple Tiagra 50s this summer and would like to put them to use HST this fall/winter.
Now, time to drop a couple $ on lures.
What are the thoughts on the 32 oz cowbell lures? They say you can HST them without trolling weights. Is that true? Would appreciate some personal testimonials.
What's your favorite lure spread for a 3 line HST?
Anyone run a Yozuri bonita on your shotgun with a 32-48 oz trolling weight?
1. Since the OP says he wants to HST for wahoo...and...

2. There are posters throwing out Iislanders and such... (which in my understanding will skip with HST)... and...

3. Since I know Lone Ono has been doing HST for just a little while... could we please get a definition of HST? - of the MINIMUM speed which defines HST for wahoo ? (that's your cue, Lone Ono, please. 30 years of HST for wahoo suggests you might have an idea).

I only bring this up so we have some clarity on just what is HST, so as not to muddle up this topic (with Iislanders) which we aspire to, if not master - at least, find some success. Outboard fish: no offense, I just think you're introducing apples into an orange discussion.

For what it is worth, in my mind's eye, HST is 14 kph to 18 kph, or higher if your lure swims without skipping. This, I have determined after a lot of reading and asking questions locally. I might be completely off-base and I humbly ask y'all to correct me if I am out in left field.

Anyhoo, great question OP and eagerly look forward to more replys,

Cheers, T.
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