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Originally Posted by Outboard Fish View Post
It's nice to see another fisherman who realizes that with this addiction, overspending on gear is part of the game. I have the best luck on the following lures when hunting Wahoo - marauders, Ballyhood cowbells or jetheads, and iLander (blue/white). I have success when there is variety in what I'm trolling. Putting out 3 or 4 of the same lure doesn't help but when I add variety to what we're dragging one of the lures will get bit first followed by the others. I don't normally put weights on what I'm trolling, however, if I don't have a lure like a DTX minnow that will swim deeper, I have sometimes added weight. For me, the conditions and the area that I'm in will have more significance than a particular lure. With that said, some get bit more than others. The iLander was the most hit lure the last time I took it out. Wahoo travel in small packs. When you get bit there will be a few more in the immediate area. We will cast out while we're bringing in bite on the troll. My preferred Wahoo casting lure is Captain Jimmy's Wahoo bombs. If the conditions are good, these lures will do very good. I fish the Gulf south of Mobile and the Pacific west of Mexico. Good luck with your trolling and looking forward to seeing pics of your monster catch!
what's your trolling speed? If you're running 15 kts without a trolling weight, I would think a lot of your lures would be skipping?