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The Yozuri Bonita is okay behind a 64 oz. trolling lead in the shortest position on the boat. The orange one seems to get hit more often in my waters.

I’m a big fan of the Red Eye Lures SB-3, also for a short position. I cut about 3” off the skirts and drag them behind a 48 oz. weight.

For the further back lures I like a Mr. Big, Wahoo Express or similar in the 9” range. Depending on seas these trail a 32 or 24 oz. trolling lead.

I’m one of the few here who is not a cowbell fan. They pull like tanks and aren’t as productive as my other lures so the extra fuel needed to drag them around just doesn’t pencil out for me. I never got one to run where I wanted it to without a lead. Many here say it needs to be WWB but due to the geography of my area I don’t have that position available.
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