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I'm typically the guy in line for the ATM behind three short women each in their own giant SUV (Excursion, Suburban, etc.) Practically need to rapel out of the truck to get down to the $ slot.

I've witnessed this routine way too often. You need 14a for actually fixing the makeup, usually lip stick, but have seen someone try and put on eyeshadow waiting for the money to come out.

Best was a chick in a brand new Infiniti Q56 at a drive up window (was new since it still had temp tags.) She took the teller drawer full on into the door since she got too close to the building. Left a dent. Must have been a $1k min to fix. When I was leaving, she's out of the truck on the cell bitching. Glad she wasn't my wife.

And they want to license boaters...let's start with short women in big trucks.

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