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also, one other point to mention about most of the boats mentioned, is the length (which usually improves ride, but not always). Some contenders are actually much longer than the model number implies...I believe the "27T" is actually closer to 30 as an example. The regulator 26 is actually 28'4.5". Dont let the model numbers fool you---do a little extra research to KNOW what you would be getting. Boats should be measured from the BOW (not the pulpit / anchor tip ) to the point where an engine is bolted to the bracket / euro bracket / transom. We all know that in general, ride improves with length and weight. I find that contenders usually out-perform most boats in speed, due to hull shape / weight. Regulator is a bit more smooth / dry, due to hull design and weight. You will never find a boat that is perfect in every category. its all about compromise. Regulator / Contender / SeaVee are my top choices (in no particular order) When i bought mine (Reg 26FS) it was hands down the best deal for me at the time. It made the most sense for where it was located, trailer / motors / upkeep, etc etc.
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