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Man, you guys in Florida be warned. The hurricane that just hit, started here and it was nasty here about a week ago. Today another depression just started and we really only got until about 11am of sunlight and then got hit with the best rain I've seen in my 11 years here. Super high wind, just nasty weather we usually don't see. I hope this one doesn't come together and start heading north or it might be a repeat of what just happened.

But, before the storm hit, in the 3 hours of pretty weather we had, I managed to get all the console pieces cut out of corecell. We got half of these glassed as well, and all the glass cut, but the weather made me run at the end and I didn't get pictures.

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And then we decided to make the back door smaller. I was going to go with a meter (3 feet 3 inches for us Mericans) but we decided it was ugly and we are going to take it down to 80cm (2 feet 8 inches in Merican). We are going with a single too instead of a double because that's just easier. We can still fit motor blocks through the door at 80cm, it'll be a little tighter, but hopefully we don't have to do that too often. This is rough, but here's how it looks now. Harold added the squares in the top corners because he wants to try a rounded top door, but if that doesn't work we'll just make it simple. He wanted to play with it, happy workers move faster so why not. I wanted square but 'm not building the door so I can't complain...

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Tomorrow I'm headed back to San Jose to do legal BS, so I'll try to get some more pictures up here on Saturday!

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