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Originally Posted by aFORDable View Post
I think John threatens Harold with posting more pics of him in female night gowns if he does not hustle.
It seems to work !!
I hope I get to. They quit selling the ugly clothes bag at the thrift store. I hope they bring it back, we loved the ugly clothes. Lately I've had to buy real sanding suits and they are a ton more! Honestly he's not really an employee anymore and we're just friends. The whole year I'm always going with him on other jobs just for fun, and when I have one of my boats out, especially when I'm in a time crunch with a big deadline, he is making all his friends come over after hours and they all just try to get my stuff done quickly. We've been on this boat until 9pm several days now, and 13-14 hour work days are super productive. I had one of the other boat owners actually call me when I trying to get this boat to ask if it was true. He was upset because he knew if I had a boat up in the shop, nobody would work on his boat after hours, and that it was going to take him longer. I had to laugh, but it really is true I never realized I had that affect on the shop. At 4pm lots of people in the yard get off of the other boats and instead of going home come over an give me an hour or two and won't take money. My corner of the shop had probably 10 people in it yesterday after hours, and I was only paying 2. I guess i buy alot of pizza, does that count? It's really nice having friends.

Originally Posted by 2TDave View Post
No kidding! I’ve been filling and fairing the inside of a center console build for 3 weeks.

Good help makes me look good. If I were by myself this would be a lifetime achievement type deal...

Originally Posted by The Woo View Post
Sorry if I missed it, what donks are in there mate?

Thank God somebody answered that one because in Texas donks are a male appendage! Yep, 671 detroits. I have to leave them in there for a season, lots of people are telling me they raise more fish, we'll try them out and if it's true they might stay. Cummins 450 6CTAs would be lighter, more fuel effecient and faster though. So that is to be determined, we'll have to see how it runs.

Originally Posted by sammythetuna View Post
Your build thread is unbelievably fun to follow as well! But these guys are out of their minds haha - in a good way.

I am absolutely out of my mind. I'm starting to think I bit off more than I can chew here, but hopefully I'm just worn out from today. If I didn't have a couple of good friends helping me (mainly Harold and some of his 6 brothers and then a few other good shop friends) I wouldn't be so quick and capable. Today I just felt like I was moving but wasn't gaining ground. They got a ton of stuff done before we got a torrential flood. Most rain I've seen in 11 years here, and it was sideways again. Yesterday was pretty all day, hopefully tomorrow will be too. We'll see.

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