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We took delivery of our Monterey 335 in June and Iíve towed it 4,000 miles in 7 different states so far. I had permits for all states and did most of the driving on weekends and at night. Passed every weigh station and god knows how many cops/ DOT cops. They do not care about not for hire people towing their own boats. I have all the proper signs and flags and permits just in case, but Iíve not been bothered yet. Even on the 1200 mile trip from florida where we took delivery back to a Indiana where we live. That entire trip was on a weekend and most of it was through the night.

Also, you get your permit for your truck, not your load. I do annual permits in the states I travel most (Indiana and KY) and am good with the boat, with just the trailer, or with any other wide load. As long as it is towed with my truck, the load/ trailer doesnít matter. Permits are done with your truckís VIN and license plate.
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