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Found a cool program on the web called TinkerCAD. So, I measured all the electronics and made a drawing of the center console we are going to build tomorrow. I made a few, it'll make it easier to build in steps. Going to use all PVC foam and then glass is. The last two are hopefully the finished product. The blue divider in the middle is to put a piece of plexiglass on the right covering the top 6-8 inches of the radar and sonar and gauges so they don't get as wet. On the left, that is the GPS and the VHF, so I'll leave that uncovered so it isn't irritating to use. The radar and sonar once they are set you don't have to fiddle as much.

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And then in actual work we had a decent day. We got the front windows glassed in, inside and out. I didn't get a picture of the inside finished, but it should be dry by now.

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And I didn't get a good shot of this either, but we are moving the door to the middle. That'll make it where we can have two equal sized benches on either side of the door. We are going to make the door a double so that we can get motors through it when we have to.

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Here is the goal for the back again after we get done:

And then we got rid of all the nasty screws they used to put everything together with, sanded a few inches on either side and then double 1708 to make it all one piece.

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We'll see if I make progress tomorrow on that console...
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