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You donít give much info to go on.
Boat length? Boat weight?
My Monterey is 31í long, 10í6 wide, and 10,700lbs dry.
I ordered a new trailer for the boat, told them make and model of the boat, how many axles I wanted, EOH brakes on all axles, and left the rest to them. The trailer is probably 9í6 wide and works well with this fairly high boat (13í6 on the trailer).
You can go wider if you want to but itís not necessary. It also depends on how much you tow. If you tow an aweful lot, go a little more heavy duty.
One of your more important issues is getting good tires. There is a recent thread on this. Trailer tires are inherently cheap and of poor quality. Get good tires (like Hercules) and thank me later.
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