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Originally Posted by captpepin View Post
For storing food, drinks and a little bit of extra ice storage I can see why you would want to use all of the open space you have upstairs but for large amounts of ice for fishing it would be much better below the cockpit floor. In the future if you get a water-maker and an ice maker I'm not sure of the ice-maker can move ice vertically that high and allot is going to melt on the way up to the bridge. I'd hate to see you put in allot of time and money making beautiful built in custom coolers upstairs that you may want next season in the cockpit floor. How much dead space do you have below? Can you get away with just using coleman xtreem coolers for a year then when you have the funds get the icemaker, watermaker, cut the cockpit deck and do that work next season. I always like to the idea of making something cash-flow, use it a season and then figure out what needs to be fixed after fishing it a season rather than guessing and spending money that could have been saved.
i'm doing a pair of coolers down below the back windows i the cockpit. I was thinking the upstairs we would just use on our FAD trips. On the FAD trips there is no running involved, we leave out at 6pm and go 9knots to the site, fish two days, and then 9 knot to the house. But now after the Woo, I'm still on the fence about whether it would be worth just doing smaller ice chest upstairs to use for the bait cooler during the trip, and then putting a pair of cooling plates in the back ice chest/seats. I'm running around today doing paperwork, but I'll be at the boat tomorrow and we are going to make the upstairs ice chest that may end up just being a storage. That's the idea of publishing on here, as I really don't know that much and there are so many people on here that know more than me. So ideas are always accepted.
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