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Originally Posted by SailFishQuepos View Post
That sounds amazing...and like something I couldn't find here. I'll look it up and see if I can import some. Is it sticky or does it wipe off, or does it just stay flexible?
All the ones i've used are cleanable with isopropyl alcohol, which also won't harm any electrical components.

Originally Posted by DaveHNL View Post
Here's something you may want to try for soldering - I use an Ancor butane torch. I've found if you strip 3/4" off each wire, then wash you hands thoroughly (to avoid grease contamination), then wrap the wires together as tight as possible and heat the connection from the bottom for ~3 seconds, then touch rosin core solder to the top of the connection, it works perfectly. I also like Ancor adhesive lined shrink tube to finish the job.

Mini Butane Pocket Torch Ancor
It's generally not recommended to solder stranded wire that won't be potted/encapsulated, or otherwise have some sort of firm strain relief. Under vibration or movement, soldering can cause wires to break, doesn't take much either.