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A cold plate stores the cold and is best for intermittent refrigerating. Use shorepower at night, then let the cold plate work during the day.
If you are running a generator during the day, a cold plate might not be ideal. Cold plates systems tend to have allow larger variations in box temperature than constant cycling systems. A cycling system is simpler and less expensive. You could run a 12 volt refrigeration system, but they would most likely be too small for your use.

Adler-Barbour and many other companies make components. Also if your current system is a refrigerator, converting it to a freezer is not quite as simple as it sounds.

Regarding my post about crimping and soldering, this is not for butts splicing wires. I was referring to the terminal on the end of the wire. Crimping and soldering, with proper heat shrink, yields a terminal that is nearly 100% trouble free. When you crimp and heat shrink only, green signs of corrosion eventually show up .
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