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Originally Posted by SailFishQuepos View Post
I don't know how to do that. I thought about taking apart a fridge and taking the freezer element out of it and putting it in the middle of the upstairs ice ben. Do you have a link? Like a cold plate sounds awesome, but I don't know exactly what that is and I can't seem to find one for sale...
Sure mate. Of course the brands here in Oz might differ to what’s readily available for you.
I run these in both the boxes (access lids on top) on my boat and either box is capable of freezing the contents if you wish, and of course if there’s ice in the boxes it lasts so much longer than it otherwise would.


Plate used in large rear box. I actually run two units and plates in this to allow it to keep temps wherever I want them with ease Despite the insulation thickness being a bit less than ideal. The plate can be manipulated into shapes to suit;

A cooling unit is used in the front “food” box.


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