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Originally Posted by Big Island Lifer View Post
Just a thought on the fly bridge ice storage- how much weight are you putting up there and will it be on the centerline?
For sure in the center. Ice storage in the center, just life jackets on the side. Since we are taking out the front windows, I'm going to put some shelves below in the cabin with a TV (for FAD drives out) that will help support the weight too. Since we are filling in the front windows, that will help with the overall strength too. It just seemed like a lot of nothing right there, and I need somewhere to put the ice. I can't think of anywhere else to hide 4 sacks of ice, and I want to put a watermaker, but there really is no space for an ice maker. And then in a year, I might go seakeeper, so I need to conserve space. It's not going to be crazy big, maybe 4 or 5 sacks. And it will stink putting it up there, but we'll just put ice there for FAD trips, that will usually be empty. And I don't have to carry the ice. Most importantly, I don't have to carry the ice

And you have to keep in mind, I took out the control console which was an easy 500 pounds if not more. So the upstairs will be lighter full of ice than it was before with that console up there.

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