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So, I am relatively new to fishing offshore out of Port Canaveral. My 16 year old son absolutely LOVES offshore fishing and so I do everything I can to nurture that and encourage him to continue to develop his love for this amazing sport. October is upon us, and given the weather provides fewer days suitable for getting out there, I want to make sure that on the days we are able to get out there, we have the best chance possible to enjoy a little success. I understand there are days when you just get skunked, but, I want to learn at least what we SHOULD be targeting and doing during these different phases of the year so that I can at least have a reasonable shot at showing my son a little success.
I would appreciate information on what we should be fishing for and generally how we should be fishing during October, November, December, Jan, Feb and March. I am guessing that once April rolls around we should be seeing lots of Dolphin offshore and that will take care of that. Basically an idea please of what is out there each of the next few months, and how they should be targeted. Thanks in advance for any replies, I am always humbled by the generosity of folks providing and sharing their knowledge and experience.