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Yeah, we really didn't get much done. We built this roof to work under, and it works great when it rains, but there was some type of tropical disturbance Thursday and Friday and the rain was completely horizontal. And that passed today around 3pm, so we pretty much only got to work from 3-6pm today. But we did get a little done. I need more storage space on the boat, and it has NO ice chests really. I am going to build two below the back windows that are going to double as seats, and then a wrap around up top that is going to double as a bench, but I'm going to extend it into the area up front so that the ice chest is bigger than the seat. And while cutting this, for some reason hatteras stuck down plywood all the way around the bridge "hat". They did that so they could put those dang square headed screws in. We took ALL the screws out this afternoon, and then took out all the plywood, and we are going to make everything solid. I don't see any reason to have a boat that comes apart, so I'm going to lay some good glass in that corner and make the thing solid. And then with the bench in place, the vertical divinycored side of the seat will make the floor strong. Right now there is a little flex with the dry balsa. Hopefully we can get a full day in tomorrow, it's supposed to be pretty...

Here's the destruction we did upstairs today. The cut is going to be the seat height, and the ice chest will extend towards the inside of the wall. On the left we are just doing life jacket storage, up front we are going double walled and poured in foam, probably 3 inches, maybe four. Have to measure and see how much I can put. I don't want an ice machine because I don't want to have to fix the ice machine. So I'm hoping to hold enough ice for a few days to go to the fads. Somewhere to put all the food and drinks. That's the idea now, subject to change...

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