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Originally Posted by thundra View Post
I decided, for now, to hold off on buying my brothers 2014 Grom with 37,000 miles on it for $700 as I have my own bike and between my wife and kids, we each have one bike.
Does he want to ride it to south florida? I'll pay the gas.. LOL

I'm shocked he's got that many miles on it - not because it's a bad platform, but because, holy crap, 37k miles on a toy bike...

I actually just picked up a Rebel 250 that had been sitting for a few years this past weekend. Owner said last time he ran it was 2015. Figure it'll make a fun project to get back together. Truth is it would be shocking if I put more than 100 miles a year on a bike, but "rebuilding a motorcycle" is something that had been on my bucket list.