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Originally Posted by 99yam40 View Post
growing up back in the 60s I rode a 49CC moped.
the type you could flip a mechanical switch to peddle it like a bike.
rode it to elementary school.
Mom would even ride it across town from time to time.
it got so much MPG that I would run out in the middle of no where from time to time cause you would forget to ever add gas.

it really was too heavy to peddle very far for young kids
The speedo meter topped out at 45mph, but me and my brother had it pegged out past that many times.
just needed a long straight road
Back in the mid 80's I had a 1978 or 79 Motobecane Mobylette 50. I was King of the drag races and top-speed moped races on that 2-stroke moped. It did run forever on the premixed fuel. It had a belt drive to the sprocket-chain and as the revolutions of the engine increased, it would tilt down and like a snowmobile clutch, the sheaves would move and like a CVT, the ratios would change, it was awesome and fast. I wish I had kept it.