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I had a feeling THT would have discussed this and sure enough, it has.

My brother, who goes 6' 230lbs got a new Grom in 2014 and has put almost 40,000 miles on it and it has been his second bike to his FZ 09. He is going to sell it to me, with lots of extras, for $700. I'm going to use it to get back and forth to work as I only have an 11 mile roundtrip on city side streets that I currently use my 2017 Beta 500 RR-S for. I'll leave the Beta plated and use it every now and then so it doesn't just sit and for when I go riding I can still go on the streets-legally, but the Grom will be perfect for commuting.

I have ridden the Grom and it is a hoot. More than enough power for me anywhere but the highway and the motor is reportedly as reliable as it gets. I'm going to shoot for 100,000+ miles and give the thing to my kid in 8 years or my daughter in 10, when and if they want to ride it back and forth to school.
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