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Default 150 Optimax Belt Tensioner replacement

It's time (maybe past time) to replace the belt tensioner on my 2011 Mercury 150 Optimax. It has too much play in it, and it's causing the belt to wear and slip. I've taken the tensioner off and cleaned everything up, and fortunately, the casting on the block where it mounts looks fine (there's some wear from the spring, but I can fix that with JB weld or something similar if necessary). I'm replace the belt, tensioner stud, washers, spring, tensioner arm and bushing, and the pulley.

Are there any "tricks of the trade" anyone could share with me? Is there an easy way to install the spring? When installing the stud into the powerhead, should I use any sort of thread lock (I am planning on using the blue thread lock on the threads that go into the block)? I'm ordering parts tomorrow, and won't get to the job until next weekend (assuming I get the parts in time, of course). Any tips from the "pros" (or anyone who has done this before and has tips about how to avoid undue frustration) would be appreciated.
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