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went out of ponce today. argoil wreck , bait was hard to come by, got some grunts, went to party grounds, nothing, not even a sea bass or trigger fish...went to mango hole, wind was blown out of the west pretty stiff. was hard to hold bottom. decided to anchor at mango hole to avoid the wind hoping the current wasn't ripping. was tough holding bottom w 32 oz of weight. unreal tough conditions. did hold bottom w that much weight, not even a bite or a nibble. no trigger fish, no sea bass, nothing. went to maxine wreck, same thing. not a bite on squid, cigar minnows, or live bait. never seen an ocean where you couldn't even catch trash fish. not sure whats going on. weights weren't cold, baits didnt come up cold. no clue. hopefully tomorrow is better
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