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Originally Posted by crazybeard View Post
This is no LOL matter. If you have "friends" who pressure you or guilt you with alcohol, they're not true friends.

If you can't go out with them and not drink, that's on you, and only you. Tell them to support you, tell them to shut up, tell them you'll be the DD or just don't go out with them. In all of those scenarios, you are making the choice.
Seriously, how old are you? Not to be a dick, but who the F cares what others think of you.

I feel like I outgrew heavy drinking as life's responsibilities increased; children, career and health. Grew up in Irish Catholic family and every get together seemed to resolve around drinking, since high school anytime we did anything was with that in mind and/or a packed cooler, etc. My one brother was big drinker mostly to self medicate for depression issues and the other is probably not far behind. One stopped about 8 years ago but he is a dry drunk and still pretty miserable.

I think if you're over 30 and have a career and kids, it's time to put the brakes on some and look forward to hangover free mornings on the water, etc.
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