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I agree about the friends thing. Thats not cool of them to encourage you to drink, assuming they know you are not drinking. All my close friends (a few who are also drinking buddies, but we do lots of things sober as well) have been very supportive. I have been without alcohol now for three weeks and the cravings have subsided a good bit.

Last weekend we went to the hunt club to work. When I got home I really wanted a mixed drink bc it was a long hot day and we worked hard. That was the first time I missed it in a few weeks but it wasn't that big of a deal to go get a glass of water with some lemon in it. I drank a lot of vodka/fruit juice drinks so the lemon sort of mimics that flavor I guess. Its not the same thing but it is what it is and I feel so much better since I have dried myself out.
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