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Originally Posted by humpinit View Post
I actually had 3 on the boat on Sunday. I spaced them out and drank N/A beer in between. No further craving that day or since. Iím not sure about the NA thing though. Is it keeping the habit going?
only you can answer that. For some it works well, for others it's tiptoeing the line.

I find that when I'm not wanting to not drink, I want something to replace it. I'd say more of a taste or psychological habit is causing this. Water just isn't that interesting. So I will have a club soda or one of the lightly flavored sparkling water or a decaf coffee or something.

Last night for example we had 2 glasses of wine each and a decaf after that instead of opening another bottle of wine, which would have been very easy to do because we both love it.
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