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Fish Haid
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As posted above, I quit drinking (12 pack per day) on June 13th, prior to surgery for broken leg. Made it until last weekend (July 14-15). Had 8 on Sat and 6 on Sunday. Was just so hot, and had a lot to do outside.

Figured my "break" was good time to get blood tested, so had that done on July 12th. This after not drinking 30 days, but sat around for a month watching TV (broken leg) and eating like a pig (pizza, burgers). Been extremely tired, despite not doing much. Although, walking on crutches is work.

Happy to say my liver enzymes are "normal" for first time in 30 years! Cholesterol 165, triglycerides 130, blood sugar high at 130, but A1C normal. Testosterone 555, PSA 0.9. A picture of health!!! Even so, I am still 5"10" and 260 pounds.

Will likely drink more once I get active! I do take Milk Thistle capsules everyday, along with multi-vitamin, niacin, fish oil, vitamin d, folic acid,, and one aspirin.

Good luck to all!
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