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Originally Posted by ed d View Post
Thought I saw this thread . Today is 1 year for me . I'm 49 and have had a life of heavy drinking and it cost me . I had tried and failed to quit and I really didn't want to . Last year I was diagnosed with an incurable lung condition that could take 5 or 20 yrs to kill me . I got mad and depressed and was worried a bender might last too long and really didn't want to drink any longer . It was about 6 wks when a friend ask where's all the beer bottles that I realized I had gone that long . About 3 months I felt good and about 7 months it seemed like my brain got 10 years younger - it is an interesting feeling when your mind starts to function better . Best I can put it is on a scale of 1 to 10 where I used to think of a problem to 5 it was now 7 with no more effort . Got a little less mad at people . I never told myself this is my last drink cause thinking like that freaks me out . I stopped drinking rather than quit . I think the lung problem was bigger then the drinking problem which then didn't seem like such a problem - drinking became more like BS I didn't want to deal with . Bigger problems in your life make the old big problems seem smaller . I like being sober . Mostly I like feeling the same all the time and waking up with the same head as I went to sleep with . With it will come some regret and guilt but Fuck it , your drivin' the boat - keep it moving . maybe the wrong thing to say to an alcoholic but you have to be Selfish about sobriety , it's yours and those that want to take it want to hurt you .

My 2 cents , Good Luck

Very well said and congrats on the sobriety. My brain feels younger already.
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