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Originally Posted by themoorehq View Post
Hell, after the dang near 375+ comments--I mean CANS--of downright, all-over-the-spectrum written-word ass-whoopin' that the accused couple received in front of over 30,000 virtual shit-show viewers ...they ought to preside as honorary Chief Justices over all future THT disputes involving cases of questionable identity.

**To request the assistance of our newly appointed Chief Justices in a public dispute of which you are involved in, please tag harrison19874, and she will summon her battle-hardened counterpart. Together, they will preside, advise, and deal swift, Alabama Gulf Coast justice to accusers everywhere.

***Also offering counseling sessions to those who have been wrongfully accused. Topics include:

-How to Eat a Piece of Humble Pie
-Replies: Resisting the Urge to Take the Bait
-Responsible Posting: A Guide For The Accused
-Personal Insecurities: A Feast for All to Nibble On
-Processing Personal Attacks
-Sno-Seal: Topical Application Technique to Protect Skin From Razor-Edged Words

More topics to come as the full effect of the accusation is realized. Stay tuned.

Hang around long enough and you'll see this is a monthly thing. You might even develope a sense of humor and be able to post something that's actually funny.

Hey mods, how many sock puppets are these two allowed on here?
Also, since we're all gonna be sued and the not so lazy lawyer is gonna fly us all down to Lower Alabama, we'll be needing the original thread back so we can refresh on the flight in.
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