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Originally Posted by themoorehq View Post
Hell, after the dang near 375+ comments--I mean CANS--of downright, all-over-the-spectrum written-word ass-whoopin' that the accused couple received in front of over 30,000 virtual shit-show viewers ...they ought to preside as honorary Chief Justices over all future THT disputes involving cases of questionable identity.

**To request the assistance of our newly appointed Chief Justices in a public dispute of which you are involved in, please tag harrison19874, and she will summon her battle-hardened counterpart. Together, they will preside, advise, and deal swift, Alabama Gulf Coast justice to accusers everywhere.

***Also offering counseling sessions to those who have been wrongfully accused. Topics include:

-How to Eat a Piece of Humble Pie
-Replies: Resisting the Urge to Take the Bait
-Responsible Posting: A Guide For The Accused
-Personal Insecurities: A Feast for All to Nibble On
-Processing Personal Attacks
-Sno-Seal: Topical Application Technique to Protect Skin From Razor-Edged Words

More topics to come as the full effect of the accusation is realized. Stay tuned.
Hey, my question stands, and it is a valid one. Do they not teach punctuation at Alabama?
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