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There is a lot of science out there that explains that, the brain doesnít revert back to ďone or two,here or thereĒ once itís made the switch. Sounds like the switch has been flipped so take the opportunity to stop. Itís a life or death decision.
20 months ago I felt like I was jumping off a cliff when I stopped. What would my friends, family, employees say? Would my life be over? Nope actually itís the beginning, and itís awesome. Had a couple of friends give me shit, but vast majority were amazed and supportive and quite frankly curious if they should look at their own drinking a bit.
Lifeís not fair, some folks can have a beer and move on. If youíre diabetic you shouldnít eat cupcakes, if your Brain is predisposed to alcohol addiction, whether genetically or habitual, you probably canít drink.

There are many paths to recovery but talking to a doctor and quitting under medical supervision is a must. Cancel the fishing trip if you have to. It sucks but it wonít matter a bit compared to your life and your son and job and wife. One day you can go and be the sober captain and have an awesome time. I will not drink with you today!
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