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I think I am opposit most people. I just turned 62. Most of my life since 18 I drank 3 or 4 beers on the weekend at dinner. That's it. And I got a buzz and was happy.Never did a drug in my life. Not even pot.

12 years ago a buddy got me drinking Vodka in the Keys on a fishing trip. 4 ounces turned to 24 ounces for the same buzz over time. I drink 24 ounces vodka on the rocks every night and you would never know i drank a drop.

So there is no issue on my behavior, on the other hand it can't be good for my body.

I am diabetic, and on insulin. Doc keeps telling me my lab numbers are great. However, I know it will catch up to me.
I knew a guy who used to be like you. He was diabetic and on insulin, but could tolerate large amounts of alcohol with no effect at all on his behavior. Did that for years, just like the other menfolk in his family.

His liver failed. He couldnít get on the transplant list because the doctors didnít think he could cut alcohol out of his life. He was given at most 2 to 3 years to live, and started making plans for a long RV trip with his wife and young son. Six months later, he was told heíd be lucky to live another year.

A couple weeks after that prognosis, Dave crashed. Within a few days, he died.

Please donít be like my friend Dave.
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