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Originally Posted by humpinit View Post
Lost 10 pounds in one week and have so much more energy and clarity.
Went to my first party for my friends daugheters birthday and stayed sober the entire time and realized how idiotic my friends looked and sounded. That has been me for 25 years. It may be me again.
I would drink at least two beers a day and on at least one or two of those days in a week, I would drink til passing out.

And the only reason I decided to quit was how sick I got a couple of Sundays back. It was a normal weekend. It started on Thursday night with a couple of margaritas celebrating me getting my belt promotion in BJJ. Then Friday was 6 to 8 beers one or two were 10%. No issues so far, Saturday was a normal day working around the house drinking maybe a 12 pack by night time. Sunday started smoking a bunch of fish with a buddy and we started drinking at 11AM. We only drank 2 12 packs by 6PM and I decided to go to another friends house to drop off fish. Decided to drink her last beer, then killed two bottles of wine.
I donít remember much of how I got home. I heard later that my son woke me up in the front yard at 11PM.
At some time during the night I puked all over the room and bathroom. I missed work for the first time in a very long time. I was so sick that I couldnít eat for three days. I hurt so bad to swallow that I could barely get water down.

I lied and told everyone that I had food poisoning but I am sure it was alcohol poisoning.

No Iím trying to make excuses for having a few this upcoming weekend fishing trip.

Not sure if I can just have a few. Not sure if I want to.

Anyone relate to this?
Buddy, I've had a number of "never again" mornings but this sounds pretty bad.

Please don't take this the wrong way.

If you're taking 3 days to clear that there's a possibility you have significant liver impairment or something else contributing to this issue. I'm not saying that to judge you - just that you might want to check it out. Liver can heal/regenerate when you haven't reached the fibrosis or cirrhosis stage. At that point, you have what you have and it won't reverse but you can still stop it from getting worse.

The average human will process 1 standard drink per hour without any impairment. A standard drink is a 1oz shot, 6oz glass of wine, or 12oz beer at 5%. If you pound 12 beers in an hour, you're likely going to be sick, compared to 1 beer an hour for 12 hours. Assuming you split what you said you drank, 2 beers an hour over 6 hours shouldn't be much of an issue for people who drink moderately to heavily on a regular basis. 2 bottles of wine, split 5 hours later so less than 1 standard drink per hour. If that's all you drank and you regularly drink moderately (or more) I doubt you'd even feel a buzz.

Let me be direct: Either you're not counting accurately and you're drinking a huge part of what you're saying you split or something else is contributing. Meds, liver or other physiological issues, etc.

I like drinks too but I just can't live like I'm in my 20's anymore. Sometimes I still try and the next day usually cures me for a while.

Guys are always on each other for being a wuss about something, and not having a drink takes a lot more than just caving in but yet many friends try to convince you to have "just one" with them. If so then they're the wrong "friends."

You know you need a change, so make it happen. You are stronger than you think you are but only if you let yourself be.
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