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Originally Posted by Pure Luck View Post
Now, I'm gonna put this shit on the OP. Every aspect of this trip was wrong from start to finish on the charter side. Had the OP caught a huge amount of fish on his trip my bet is this thread would not exist nor would we have ever heard a word about this BS of a 16 year old kid running the boat and so on.

You still would have heard about it, but I would have said that we caught a lot of fish and the kids seemed fully qualified to run a paid charter. But I would have still asked what every ones opinion on the switch was.

Fair enough. So would you advocate using this guy again?
The kid is not fully qualified and is operating Illegally.

You have now supported an Illegal operation unknown to you at the time.

This was not a switch to a legal operation. I would never pass a trip off to known illegal operators under any circumstance. Much less have my unlicensed kid run my boat with your well being in his hand. The operation was operating outside of the law and common sense the minute you stepped on board.

There is no excuse for what happened on the charter boat side. You appear to at least have some knowledge of how this works. I wonder how many have been dealt the same deal? "Unknowingly"

Makes me sick!