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Sooner or later every business is going to have a pissed off customer. That being said I had nearly the same problem with a captain from another marina in Key West a few years back. Stayed in islamorada cuz we were falling asleep at 11pm on the way down up at 430 to get down to key west to fish at 7am. I booked with a captain and was switched to another one on the way down. I understand things come up and he did get us on another boat. The next morning at 720 after sitting in the parking lot for 45 minutes the 2nd captain called me and asked if we could reschedule for the next day. I simply said no we were up at 430 and drove down from islamorada to fish and that's what we were gonna do. He told me the soonest he could get there was 810 or so. .... at 830 he showed up got the forklift driver to put his boat in the water then we had to wait to get gas....... I could not tell you how pissed I was but off we went I asked about getting bait he said it was too late and he only need the 1 frozen Bonita to catch fish also he looked at my jig bag and said you guys have jigs no need for bait.....

Long story short. It was one of the best days on the water I have ever had. Captain 1 Rush Malts had a family emergency and set us up with Captain 2 Alex Canalejo on Showtime. I actually asked him to drive 3 miles away and back because i couldnt take the temp 97degrees 0 wind. We caught fish non stop and some cool ones too my first Warsaw, and Wahoo. Warsaw was on a jig. Wahoo was hand fed boatside such a cool bite.

I fully understand the OP and not wanting to cancel. I don't think local people look at what a customer who is a serious fisherman goes through to charter a trip. Not everyone is on vacation for 2 weeks with 1 day planned in the middle to fish. I do not know the captain he is talking about but he has a good reputation. I am in no way saying what happened to the OP is ok. Just sharing a similar experience with a different outcome.
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