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Originally Posted by coores14 View Post
you won the second your group was asked if anyone of you was a licensed captain.
These people suck that do this. The industry gets a black eye and it is a fairly unregulated business for the most part to the novice that doesn't research their pick beyond yelp and so on.

It is bad for business for us that provide professional service. I compete with these jack legs every day. I loose business every day to these types.

Now, I'm gonna put this shit on the OP. Every aspect of this trip was wrong from start to finish on the charter side. Had the OP caught a huge amount of fish on his trip my bet is this thread would not exist nor would we have ever heard a word about this BS of a 16 year old kid running the boat and so on.

Also OP, you had a knowledgeable group on board as you say with a licensed Captain as well. He should have detected the smell of BS real quick.

I understand the want to complete your planed trip. That desire made you overlook all the warning signals. Kinda of like getting on a twin engine aircraft with the starboard prop missing before take off. SURE IT CAN FLY!
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