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So many good points I see reading this, quitting drinking is one of the best decision I have ever made. Each person's who has stopped has a different story for sure, be it the reason for quitting or the withdrawals that that followed.

I came from a long line of alcoholics! My normal work day was no less than a 12 pack and weekends had large bottles,Jack and coke was my go to.
April 16th 2007 I ( let's just say was showed that I needed to) stop drinking and I haven't had a drop since, if I told you it doesn't cross my mind that would be far from the truth! We all have our triggers, mowing the lawn, out fishing, hanging around the fire, I could go on and on.

I know for me one would be way too many, but again it is a individual basis. With all that said the biggest thing (problem) is the change in friendships, most look at me as if I am different than I was, maybe I am? However I still enjoy the same stuff as before just do it without the alcohol.

I can relate to everything in OP's post down to the son waking you up, not a fun thought for you or your son.
I and I would think many others would pm you their number if you ever needed some support. It's not a easy road but can be done! And yes it gets easier as time goes by.
Hell now I actually have a little pride in how long it's been.

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