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Read to whole thread and got the same bait and switch capt deal. Booked a 10 day long range out of San Diego with my son on the boat that 2 weeks prior had landed the world record YFT. Got to the boat loaded and headed south and did not realize we did not have the GUY running the boat. You can goggle the boat if you like and captain. Long story short, in 10 days ONE yes ONE YFT over 200# was caught. All the other 15-20 yft were football size. All the other boats that went to Farallon Islands crushed them! Once back I took it up with the front office and was offered a 10% discount on my next trip, thanks but no thanks.

With all the bad press B D is getting on here and elsewhere at the least he should offer another FREE trip and you cover fuel. That is if you would ever want to fish with him after this CF.
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