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Originally Posted by jkmjr View Post
You have every right to be pissed but it's your/your captain friend's own fault. From the glowing summary of all of your friend's and your fishing knowledge and experience why in the hell did you guys leave the dock? The night before should have been a huge red flag and the next morning I would have been on the phone raising 10 kinds of hell !!!!
Yeah, we figured it wouldn't be that bad because all we thought we needed were the old family numbers and we'd catch fish. I now know that even if you have great numbers, you still have to have a half @ssed idea how to set up a drift and use the proper tackle. I looked on their facebook page and almost every fish has some sort of jig or lure in its mouth. We got pre rigged rods with a J hook and not enough weight. If I had known the situation, I would have brought my tackle bag and a block of squid and rigged like I'm fishing my boat. I guess we just figured they'd know what they are doing in that area. I just wanted to share our story and see what everyone thought. I'm not losing sleep over it, just thought it was a bit messed up. Hind sight is 20/20, we figured with my/our past Tortugas trip success, it wouldn't be a huge deal not having an experienced captain, but I guess we were wrong. Oh well, live and learn! Guess I have to drive down and talk to different charter captains in order to set up my next trip.
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