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A bit scary to hear that so many professional captains don't do that. That's the complacency happening I assume.
If you do a lot of charters make a list of what you should know before leaving the dock. I would want to know where are the - lifejackets, life rings, Epirb, VHF, life raft (if fitted), and if you know how to use one properly the fire extinguishers as a basic understanding. If I go on someone elses boat privately I do a quick tour for myself when I board to find stuff and then ask the owner about anything I can't find. That might be a little anal but I figure if an emergency happens it helps if more than just one guy on board knows this stuff. Talk to anyone who spends a lot of time at sea (like a charter operator or comm fisherman etc) and they will all have a story or two about when something went badly wrong. Do enough trips and sooner or later you might find yourself wishing you were better prepared.
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