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Originally Posted by Pure Luck View Post
I didn't even think of the emergency aspect of it. I'm guessing that we should have had a briefing on where the emergency equipment was and how and when to use it. I don't even know where the life jackets were on the boat. I guess that's our screw up for allowing it to happen. Like I said, this kid seems like he could be great one day, but now is not that time. Having family numbers and catching fish on those numbers doesn't make a great captain. I'm sure any of us on THT with any boating experience could take those numbers and have an epic day.
If a charter doesn't start with "here are the life jackets and this is how you fit one" then time to ask or get off. There should then be "this is what you do if there is a fire and this is what you do if you see someone go over the side, this is where the life rings are" Usually then a comment about following the crews instructions (introduce crew at same time) for any other emergency. Also some instructions about where and where not the clients can safely be when the boat is underway. I add in the location of the VHF and to push the ch16 button in an emergency, explain that the EPIRB and life raft will self release of we sink. Finally a briefing about any other particular hazards on that boat and usually a quick briefing on how a marine toilet operates so it doesn't end up blocked. In total takes just a few minutes. For our operation I have been thinking about also making this into an airline style safety briefing video so I can overlay it with several languages to cover our key tourist markets. Always nervous doing this briefing when seeing people nodding vigorously and realising that they probably don't understand me fully, and probably not at all if I have to quickly instruct them in an emergency. That briefing is really my main chance to prepare them to help themselves if something goes wrong in a hurry..
Safety briefings are something that charter operators can become complacent about, and that doesn't cause any problems until the rare day there is an emergency. Then someone can die because they didn't get a 5 minute safety briefing. It is such an easy thing to do, but is so often not done. If you go on a charter that doesn't start like this I would suggest that you take the captain aside and ask about all of the above.
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