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Originally Posted by Night Moves View Post
I'm not on any side of this, just want to provide clarification. I'm not defending or promoting anyone, but this thread may be ambiguous to some to who the mentioned charter was with. The problem with that is there are other very respectable Captains that may have their reputable charters tarnished and their livelihoods could be affected by being lumped in by name alone..

There are three Delph brothers, all have completely separate charter businesses. They have completely different web pages, boats, captains and policies. They are not affiliated with each other in any way.

I think it needs to be clear who this thread and complaint is about as not to affect someones business who had nothing to do with the issue.
Well, according to your deduction, it was Billy Delph that dropped the ball. I can't get a hold of my buddy to verify.
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